Saturday, March 2, 2013

When Gym Workout Proponents become bullies

A couple of days ago, as of this writing, I posted something on facebook about how some gym workout proponents act like idiotic bullies. My facebook feed lately has been filled with "motivational posters" by a few people that workout at the gym. These posters range from being truly motivational to downright insulting. Whats worse the people that post these pictures up further proceed to post up status' that insult and belittle people that do not go to the gym and workout. This was the status that really pissed me off:

From the status above you can see that this person is not very smart. He goes to the gym to get fit and healthy, a commendable thing to do. But to the extent of calling others that don't fat and lazy??

Let's say that there is a fairly large person that exists in this world. He works hard, to feed his family, tries to be a good father,husband,employee etc Which takes up a huge bulk of someone's time. Yet just because he doesn't go to the gym it's automatic open season to insult and belittle him and others like him. At least from the moron's point of view.

How exactly is this right? Just because you can power lift a few hundred pounds that automatically gives you the right to treat other people that can't like crap? What if the only thing you have is your so called muscular body yet you are completely worthless in everything else, does that still make you superior to these "unfit" people??

I mean seriously these people are obviously proud of the lumps and bumps that have developed. But are they really tough? Because as tough as they think they are I have seen tougher and not even in a gym setting. I am talking about real world no holds barred tough. The natives that live in remote areas in my country and some of the toughest people I know. The women folk carry a heavy load of veggies and other produce on their backs and walk super long distances to go to the market to sell them. The men carry gas tanks and other supplies up and down a perilous mountain paths to and from their village just so that they can cook.

Do you think these so called tough gym guys would last long in that kind of environment?? I bet they would crap their pants on the 1st day, heck maybe even the 1st 5 minutes. And these native folk, they don't brag about it and they are infinitely tougher than any of these gym freaks. Granted they may not be able to power lift  several hundred pounds, but in the long run the natives are way tougher. And some of them are fat!!

So what does that say about the theory that this guy is pushing? I say that it just went down the toilet. So to end this I will just say, you want to get fit, sculpt you body to perfection etc go ahead and do all that. I even encourage it, but don't be a jerk!


CYA said...

I have an example I can give you.

Someone with a good intention says to a child, "Don't look at the monitor / screen for too long, you'd spoil your eyesight."

Which isn't too wrong, although technically, refresh rates of monitors and screens these days have come a very long way since the displays of 1970s.

Then they follow that statement up with, "If you spoil your eyesight you'd have to wear glasses. Then you'd look ugly."

And that is where the crux of the problem lies. I'm sure you're able to spot it.

What they did was inevitably telling the child that wearing glasses is ugly and has already thrown the original intention far off course in just a few more words.

Make a statement, don't add in opinions after that.

I want to note that we all make these mistakes, and I did it before as well, but learn from it and be sure to know when to stop the next time.

Zack Diamond said...

Well the intentions here are anything but good. Can you just go up to an overweight member of your family and just tell them that they are ugly for being that way and they should go workout or risk being a social pariah??

This article explains the issue very well :

CYA said...

Excercising and eating right is always good. But like you said it never reflects how one would look nor should anyone be in the position to judge.