Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food Tasting at Batik Boutique

This is one of those rare occasions where I don't blog about action figures and instead blog about what I do/did in real life. And the subject for this post of course the food tasting at a place called Batik Boutique in good old Kuching.

This was part of an activity that was arranged by Sarawak Bloggers and this is the first time I've joined them in any such activities (having resisted to join any sort of blogging collective/community for a very long time). All in all i'd say this is a good experience for me, though I was a bit hesitant to follow at first due to the nature of my blog and food is the last thing people would expect to see here.

Anyhoo here are the pics from that night:


Home made mushroom soup. I live this style of mushroom soup, it's way better than any canned version.

Main Course

I chose the beef burger for this out of all the other choices offered. The Burger is actually pretty good and the patty is juicy enough for me. It was nicely cooked and not too bloody as I hate bloody meat :P


At the end of the meal we were served with a very suprising dessert. Tuak (fermented rice wine) in jelly form. It was supremely awesome and this was pretty much the show stopper for me and the rest of the bloggers. This alone was enough to make us think about coming back.

So far based on the food that night, I would recommend you go check out Batik Boutique. Oh apart from the western food they also serve local delicacies as well. Check out the Menu:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Photoshop Practice

Been holding back on my reviews and working on my photoshop. I do see improvement in my work but I still  have a long way to go. Here are some samples of my work :

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DC Universe Classics Sinestro

Continuing with my Lantern review, here's Sinestro. Leader of the the Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lanterns.

Name: Sinestro

Toy Line: Dc Universe Classics

Manufacturer: Mattel

Year: 2011

Scale: 6 inch


The figure uses a smaller version of the DCUC buck. So Sinestro will appear skinnier compared to Hal Jordan.


Unfortunately Sinestro gets shafted in the paint dept. There are uneven paint apps, some splotches and bleeds. Also there is a streak of yellow and white paint on the left side of his neck. But it's not anything that I can't live with.

Sculpt wise Sinestro's head looks well, sinister :-P Luckily there were no paint issues on the face and it is a pretty good sculpt. The ring however has no sculpted detail at all. It just a yellow dot on his left hand. 


Standard male DCUC articulation. Ball jointed swivel shoulders, single knees and elbows, ab crunch, waist turn, T joint on hips, wrist turn and ball jointed head. All pretty much standard issue for this line.


A yellow lantern. If you count his removable collar piece, he will have TWO pieces of accessory.


A very good and enjoyable figure held back by some paint problems. It could be across the board or it could just be isolated to mine. Either way your mileage may vary. Get it if you like lanterns or you're a fan of Sinestro, and want to complete your Sinestro Corps collection.


Being that Sinestro is of a more slender stature, he might not be as durable as say the other figures using the larger sized bodies like John Stewart, Hal Jordan etc But still should survive regular play.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Neca Berserker Predator Grey Unmasked

Yes the Berserker Predator, a predator so bad ass he whupped around the orignal predator like a rag doll.  The Hot Toys version of the figure was WAAAAAY beyond what I can afford. So In the end I had to settle for the Neca version. How does it stack up? Read on to find out.

Name : Berserker Predator Unmasked

Toy Line : Predator

Manufacturer : Neca

Released : 2010

Scale : 8 Inches

Price : Rm 45 Loose

Shop : Got it during a local collectors exhibition


Well for starters the figure is insanely detailed from head to toe. Neca really did put a lot of work into this. Just look:


The Paint is also pretty good, there are no bleeds anywhere and that is just awesome. As for the sculpt the detail on this is crazy and this is most apparent on the head sculpt. This is better than the masked version.


If there is one area where this figure falls somewhat short it's here. He has a ball jointed neck that can't turn that far as it is hindered by his dreadlocks and shoulder blaster. Ball jointed shoulders that is restricted even more at the left shoulder due tot he armor. Single jointed knees and elbows and a swivel there. A waist joint. Thigh swivel and no ankle joints due to the design of the boots. But what really kills this figure are the hip joints, it doesn't use a ball joint like Marvel Legends nor the "T" cut joints like DC Universe Classics. They have this weird swivel joint that makes the legs turn outwards and this makes it very hard to pose the legs. So any dynamic looking pose is very hard to achieve if at all possible.


Nada,zip, zilch, zero, nadai, doik, mayao. Well not unless you count the removable wrist blade and the shoulder blaster, then its 2 :P


Apart from the hip articulation....I am loving this figure! GET IT!!!


Careful with the wrist blade, its a very small piece and you might lose it. Also the shoulder blaster might break if you force it to turn. Other than that the figure itself is tough.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Green Lantern Jon Stewart

Got this ages ago and  I finally have the time to do a review on it.

Name : Green Lantern Jon Stewart

Scale : 6 inch

Price : RM 40 loose

Manufacturer : Mattel

Paint & Sculpt

Very nice paint overall. Metallic green on the arm bands, painted on logo and no slop or bleed anywhere that I can see. The head sculpt is very nice for a figure at this price point And the ring is also sculpted on very nicely


Standard DC make body with the regular joints you'd come to expect from this line. Single jointed elbows and knees, ab crunch, waist joint, ball joint head ankle swivel and rocker, ball joint shoulders and wrist turns.


Two effect parts. A punching hand and a machine gun. Very nice additions to the figure. But again I was expecting extra hands for more dynamic posing.

Things to look out for

Nothing at all. A pretty durable figure and won't break under normal play.


If you find this guy cheap and complete, grab it especially if you're a green lantern fan.