Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Lantern Stel

NAME: Green Lantern Stel
TOY LINE: DC Universe Classics
SCALE: 9 ½ inches
PRICE: Shhhh! :P
SHOP: Ordered Online

The sculpting on this figure is amazing. There are just tons of detail on the figure, if it were any more detailed it might as well be the real Stel!

Paint job on my figure is good. No splotches or bleeds anywhere, I love the metallic green paint and the silver on the gauntlets and legs.

Stel comes with the standard array of DCUC articulation plus a couple of extras. Ankle rockers and a ball jointed wrist and hips. Due to the design of the figure some of the articulation have greater range of movement and some are hindered. The most hindered ones are his arms as any upward movement is restricted somewhat by his ginormous shoulder pauldrons. And I believe that it’s a problem across the board,  Stel’s hip joints are loose. The looseness varies from figure to figure from what I’ve read. Lucky the one I have is not that bad. But other than that, Stel is awesome.

Since Stel here is a C&C figure he has no accessories L

My first ever Collect and Connect figure and I am loving it. If you can get it for around RM200 or less, don’t think..JUST GRAB IT!!!

Apart from the loose hips nothing at all. This figure is built tough~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai

Took out the 12 inch power ranger just so that I can put it on top of the Falcon.  And also this blog post is to test the blogger app on my tab to see if it works as advertised.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Independence & Malaysia day 2012

Yes it is that time once again to celebrate Independence day in good old Malaysia. Some of you who are not from Malaysia may wonder why there are 2 dates on the picture above. Allow me to explain. 31 August 1957 is the independence day of Malaya (west Malaysia) and for the longest time it was erroneously celebrated as the Independence day of the whole of Malaysia. The matter would be overlooked for a few decades.

The continuity error here happened because there was no Malaysia before the 16th of September 1963 when Sarawak, Singapore and Sabah (North Borneo) joined to form MALAYSIA. It wasn't until 2010 when this issue was addressed. 16 September has been declared a public holiday since and thus celebrating the TRUE day that Malaysia was formed.

I hope that was educational for you. And to all Malaysians, Happy Merdeka & MALAYSIA DAY.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green Lantern

One of the most awesome characters in the DC universe has got to be Green Lantern. A being granted great powers via a power ring. My fandom with GL started only recently through the various animated features released by DC.

What makes the character interesting is the fact his power comes from willpower given physical form. He can conjure up anything he can imagine through the ring. Granted GL may not be in the "Big Three" of the JLA i.e Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman. But he is still a powerhouse in his own right.

Of course my favorite GL has to be Kyle Rayner, but alas since Hal Jordan is the so called "superman" of the GL corps, his figures were easier to find. Even the lego GL in the pic above is based off Hal Jordan.

But I digress, GL is a great character and here's hoping for more great stories from them all.

My Lego mini figures so far

These are the 4 lego figures that I have so far. Decided to switch around the parts to make them look goofier :p

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Justice League Bootlegs

Saw these figures on sale. I have no idea what figures they were based off but they do look messed up, especially Captain Batman America!

Lex Luthor is the best of the bunch, second would be the flash.


The Lego superheroes line has always interested me. It was rather unfortunate that they were overpriced. But then as usual CHINA came to the rescue in the form of GREEN LIGTMAN!

I gotta love that tag line "SURPASS OURSELVES HAPPILY WITH THE HEROES". The Box art was basically flipped from the original and as you can see they changed the name of Batman and the joker.

The figure comes in pieces that you need to assemble yourself of course:

And the manual has a little comic section that shows "GREEN LIGHTMAN" in action. Complete with WOOSH and BOOMM effects :P

So what do I have to say about "GREEN LIGHTMAN"? It does everything that the lego original does and if you didn't look at the box you would not have known it was a bootleg. The quality is amazing, it feels solid and the details are exactly like the original.

A very nice, highly articulated figure that is super cheap. ALL HAIL GREEN LIGHTMAN!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Preaching stupidity?

A few days ago I came across a post on facebook, it was about religion. Normally I would just ignore it. But that night I was just in one of those really angry moods and this post really hit me hard. This is a screen cap of that post:

Ok before that, I am a muslim and I come from a mixed family and I have numerous family members that are converts and they are totally fine. But what that post did was imply that the moment you convert its like you're signing your own death warrant. It's like he's saying that Islam is full of murdering asswipes. I am not saying that there wont be any complications, especially during the initial stages of shock, but if my relatives can get over it why can't this guy? Which led me to tell this person, the very tragic story of my friend.

And this was what I posted up in reply :

What exactly is the problem? Because I for one have seen nothing but excuses, let me give you a few examples that I have come across in my lifetime.

1. If i convert to islam, I fear my relatives will burn in hell.
2. I heard that muslim me
n become abusive in the later years of marriage
3. If I convert I can no longer eat pork
4. I will have no freedom if I convert

These are just some of the lame excuses that I have experienced myself and also unfortunately a very close friend of mine. Now let me tell you a story, a few years back a very good friend of mine dated a very beautiful chinese girl, they were very much in love. But as usual some elements in the family were concerned over petty things like "OH NO IF MUSLIM BOY JOINS OUR FAMILY he will steal all our money", " A Malay in our family!?? That will pollute and taint the purity of our Proud and honorable family" and other kinds of Bullshit.

Long story short, eventually pressure from the family finally affected the girl. And of course a very emotional break-up of Romeo and Juliet proportions happened and she used all the excuses I listed above. The girl married a supposedly nice Christian guy chosen by the family. Fast forward a year down the line...the girl ended up being a punching bag to the most abusive asshole in history, she can't even go out and hang out with friends and a whole lot of other things.

The only thing is now she can continue to enjoy the succulent taste of pork, the ONLY price she has to pay is to be beaten up by her abusive husband. As for the family burning in hell if she converted, I'd say they deserve to burn in hell for setting her up with that very "NICE BOY" they found somewhere.

As for my friend, there was no happy ending for him. He died shortly after....his health failed. So In all seriousness when it comes to religion its a matter of personal choice, it has nothing to do with if someone comes from a particular religion they are automatically abusive assholes. So for you to actually preach this kind of thing is wrong to begin with.


So now until today there is no reply from this person. It's either he is too dumbfounded to reply or he simply does not care. Either way I have said my peace. Like I mentioned in my reply it's simply baffling the level of theophobia that exist. Because from the way I look at it in the end you are still praying to the same god. Granted he has different names and the method of worship differs from religion to religion but in the end we are praying to the same god. FYI in Islam alone GOD has 99 names and here we are having petty arguments over who is the true god, be it buddha, Kali, vishnu, Allah and whatever else is out there. So seriously I hope this guy gets his head in gear and since he is an aspiring pastor I hope that by the time he receives that mantle he will go and preach goodness and not biased stupidity.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Another addition to my lantern DCUC collection. This is Hal Jordan in his modern uniform. I got this guy loose off ebay, so I don't know which wave/pack he is from. All I know is that it’s Hal Jordan in his current Green Lantern outfit and I had to have it.
I am not going to touch on articulation in this review as it is the same as the white and balck lantern Hal Jordan and pretty much every single male DCUC figure in general.


Gorgeous metallic paint and no splotches as far as I can see.  Metallic green paint for the body,mask,ring and boots and a shiny pearl white for the gloves.


A power battery that is metallic green in color. Wish he came with constructs though :P


The Good – Beautiful paint job on both the figure and power battery
The bad – Nothing really
Be careful of – the power battery handle, it’s very thin and can and will break if it falls down or by mishandling it.