Monday, July 30, 2012

DC Universe Classics Orange Lantern Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor in power armor, a figure that I have always lusted over top be the companion piece to my superman figure. Yet it always eluded me, then while skulking through ebay I found Orange Lantern Lex Luthor! Whats better than Lex in power amor?? Lex in Glowing Power Armor that’s what! So here it is guys and gals.

Well I can’t say much about the paint, since it’s all orange translucent plastic. But for the sculpting, the armor is full of it. Some of it is a reuse of the Lex in green power armor and some parts are completely new. The details are just phenominal to say the least. The head sculpt is your generic Lex Luthor head, not as menacing as the DC Direct version but I like this head sculpt. I just wished they included an extra head or something.

Ball jointed head, ball swivel shoulders, ball jointed torso, single jointed elbows and knees, swivel hip, thigh cut and ankle joints. The only weird thing are the gauntlets, the left one has a cut joint to enable wrist turn but the right arm doesn’t. It’s weird because regular power armored Lex has the articulation on both arms.

A single orange lantern with no handle.

I enjoyed the figure immensely. It’s a perfect companion piece to my superman and Orange Lantern Lex represents a powered up version of him and my policy is always go for the most powerful form of a character if possible. So apart from some minor niggles, he is an awesome figure.


DC Universe Classics POWER GIRL

Power Girl arrived in the mail today and I was uber stoked :P Been hunting for this figure for the longest time and I finally got one for a good price. An let's just say that she is just the BREA.....I mean the BEST!!! 


There are some minor paint splotches on the figure as you can see from the pictures later. But it doesn't take away from the figure much. The Head sculpt is nice but could have been better. The body is the standard female body for DCUC so not much I can say about it. Her cape is glued to her back to it's not removable.


This is my 3rd DCUC female figure and from what I’ve seen the body all affords the same articulation. Ab crunch, waist turn, wrist turn, bicep turn, single elbow and knee joints, ankle movement ,ball jointed head and shoulders and ball jointed hips. As good as it gets for the body technology they use on female bodies.


NO accessories here L


The Good – A very nice plastic representation of power girl. And the BOOBS are there ;P
The Bad -  Same problem that plagues all DCUC female figures that I’ve seen;  Small feet = Bad stability, minor paint splotches. If you can find this… BUY IT!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Current DC Universe & Marvel Legends Display

After a little cleaning up this is how it looks now. In the midst of selling figures and robots that are just taking up space and not being appreciated by me right now. These might be among the few I keep around.

DC Universe Classics White and Black Lantern Hal Jordan

Since I am in the anything Lantern mood I went scoured the internet for good deals for them and find them I did. I got a good deal on White and Black Lantern Hal Jordan, So here they are:


Both Hal's have very good paint job's. A slight edge is given to White Lantern because of it shiny silver part that gives him a more "regal" look. And I love shiny, as for the black lantern he has a solid paint sculpt. Both have little to no paint splotches.

As for the sculpt I guess the only thing you can talk about is the head sculpt. Both are new head sculpts, another reason why I got both. It's a nice break from the regular neutral expression that you get with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The white Lantern face's sculpt has him gritting his teeth. But the winner here for me is the black lantern. He has this screaming expression that I really love plus he has a completely new hair style!


Articulation is pretty much the standard DCUC male buck with all the moving joints you'd expect from this line. Still a very good body design. Not much to say here since it's all good.


Nada, zip, zilch, zero, bupkis


The Good - New Head sculpts and good paint job. A solid offering from DCUC

The bad - No accessories.

Overall good figures buy it if you can just make sure you don't get scalped on the price. And as usual I really wished that figures like these came with more accessories, extra heads and hands. That would have added more potential to the playability and the display options.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Movie Masters Hal Jordan

Found this guy at 50% off and Since I was lacking a green lantern figure I grabbed it. Now lets get down to the nitty and gritty.


The Good : ITS SHINY and highly detailed. The Bad - there are some paint slops around the figure. Not enough to make it look like quasimodo but it is noticeable.


Hal Jordan has joints that are pretty much expected from a modern 6 inch action figure except for the Abdominal crunch and the thigh swivel, the latter being replaced by a swivel at the knee instead which is weird. And to add further to the weirdness this is the first figure that I've seen that  has both bicep swivel and a swivel joint at the elbow. So thing is he has all the joints..but they don't work that well, the elbows can't bend 90 degrees because of the way the suit is sculpted same goes with the knees. And I am not sure if its a problem with mine or its across the board but the knee of the right leg of my figure is angled off center.


Hal comes with a BAF part for parallax,a figure stand and a nice looking lantern..which he can't really hold. This is because the left hand was not sculpted for holding it. You either have to jam his fingers into the opening or let the lantern hang precariously at his finger tips.


The Good - Very Pretty and detailed figure

The bad - Weird sculpting that hinders articulation and an accessory that he can't really hold. Pretty small for the 6 inch scale (pic compared to Mumm ra). Only buy it if you see it in a budget bin for 50% off or more.