Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marvel Universe Thanos

Since I could no longer find the single carded Thanos and the Marvel Select version is out of reach as well I caved and bought the Thanos/Adam warlock 2 pack. So now I finally have a Thanos! And for this review I will focus of the Mad Titan.


It's a decent representation of the character considering the scale its in. And the colors are so much better than the single carded version.There are no splotches as far as I can see and  the gold highlights are just epic! The face sculpt is just pure awesome


 There are plenty of articulation joints but due to the character design some of the joints are somewhat hindered. The hip joints are by far the most restricted one, since his "skirt" area hinders movement even though they are made of soft pliable plastic. The "Skirt" area just pushed the joints back to its default position. So don't expect to do any super dynamic poses where the legs are concerned. Also the ankle joints on mine a wee bit loose, not sure if this is because of mold degredation but it is there.


This is where Thanos is shafted in this 2 pack. Unlike his box partner, Adam warlock that came with his Staff and the INFINITY GAUNTLET! Thanos gets nothing. Even the single carded version of him had the gauntlet. So this hurts Thanos a bit, but with a little creativity you can easily have Thanos wield the Infinity Gauntlet. Just do what I did, buy the crystal stickers and stick it to his gloves and Voila instant God like powers for Thanos.


Overall a very nice figure of Thanos and he is in scale with the Marvel Universe Galactus. Just the lack of accessories hurts him a bit.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Thundercats Classic Lion-O

Hello guys and it is time for me to do a REVIEW!! Yes I finally found the time to take a few pics of an action figure and today's review is as the title says...LION-O lord of the Thundercats!

The figure stands roughly about 8 Inches tall. The paint apps on this figure are very well done and no splotches on it at all.  It has 18 points of articulation and its very very good, though some poses may require the assistance of a figure stand.

Best part is it comes with swappable hands, something very rare in western figures and I hope this will become standard one day. There are a few minor problems like the joints in the wrist and ankle's are unpainted and the fully extended Sword of Omens made from really soft plastic that tends to droop :(. The figure comes with both the extended and unextended version of the Sword of Omens.

And here are the things that I wish would come with this figure, effect parts, swappable head/face and a figure stand. Considering the fact that most western  figures have their prices on par with SH Figuarts and they come with tons more accessories. Western Figures usually come with stupid accessories or extra's that don't really add to the playability or value of the figure. A practice most often associated with Hasbro and their stupid missile launcher weapons. The only time Hasbro got it right by my book was when they released the Wal-Mart exclusive Iron man Mark 4 figure with the extra head and hands.

But I digress, overall this Lion-O figure is definitely a move in the right direction for western figures and I will continue to purchase figures from this line if the quality keeps up. Here are the pics:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Friend's Toy Collection

Went to a friends house recently to hang out. And I was fortunate enough to take a look at his collection. They were mostly were vintage M.A.S.K, TMNT,Ghosbusters and a few really nice and awesome bootlegs of awesome characters e.g the mini metroplex and Mini Rodimus Prime. Here are the pics:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY Infinity gauntlet.

I had Darkseid's killing glove lying around for a while now and I can't help but notice how it resembles the Infinity Gauntlet. Took me a while due to other commitments in life, but it finally hit me..I COULD MAKE the Infinity Gauntlet..DUH!! All you need are the sticker crystals that can be found for cheap at all girly accessory stores. Find the right color for each gem and stick them on to the glove. And here is the end result:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Craving for Indian Food

Last week was a weird time for me as the urge to eat Indian food was uncontrollable and I ended up going to feast at an Indian cafe like 4 days in days in a row to satisfy my hunger for Indian cuisine. Tandoori and Briyani were the main attactions, but the Poori  and onion pakora were not Bad as well :D