Saturday, January 21, 2012

Darth Vader : Starwars Transformers

YAY finally a pic session after so long! Anyhoo here are the pics of Vader. Off the bat I gotta say I love the Jet mode more than anything else. The robot mode, while nice is not much to look at.

 ARTICULATION: It moves at the neck, shoulders, single jointed elbows, hip, thigh swivel and single jointed knee's. Unfortunately due tot he lack of a bicep swivel, Vaders arms are stuck in gorilla chest pounding mode. The wrist and ankles do move but this is for transformation rather than actual articulation.
ACCESSORIES: Two light sabers, with nowhere to store them in jet mode :(

 PAINT: No splotches on mine as far as I can see.

 CONCLUSION: At a size that slightly larger than a legends class transformers and at slightly lower price, these things are a good buy, not amazing by any stretch but good enough especially if you love the vehicle mode. Another issue I have with this figure and from the rest of the line is that you can see the robot under the vehicle mode, it's like a robot wearing a plane. But I guess it had to be that way to keep the cost down and the toy simple. Here are the pics:

Darth Vader Sith Starfighter Transformer

Happy new year 2012 (yes I know I'm late), happy chinese new year in advance and yes I am not dead! For those of you that actually come here on a regular basis, I apologize for not updating the past few weeks. Work has taken it's toll and time is a luxury I rarely have. But with the long holiday, expect to see at least a couple of updates. Now on to the subject matter, ZOMG it's Darth Vader and he can transform into a jet! Temptation got the better of me when I saw this on the shelf at my local TRU. It was the last one available and I snagged it. Truth be told, I was not a fan of these transformer star wars line, and the figures were sinfully ugly. But then Hasbro released these smaller ones and when I compared the same characters from the larger series to the smaller series, the smaller dudes had better sculpting and looks more badass. Anyhoo here are the pics of Vader in box:
Will post up the pic review these next few days. Till then, see ya!