Monday, October 8, 2012

Neca Berserker Predator Grey Unmasked

Yes the Berserker Predator, a predator so bad ass he whupped around the orignal predator like a rag doll.  The Hot Toys version of the figure was WAAAAAY beyond what I can afford. So In the end I had to settle for the Neca version. How does it stack up? Read on to find out.

Name : Berserker Predator Unmasked

Toy Line : Predator

Manufacturer : Neca

Released : 2010

Scale : 8 Inches

Price : Rm 45 Loose

Shop : Got it during a local collectors exhibition


Well for starters the figure is insanely detailed from head to toe. Neca really did put a lot of work into this. Just look:


The Paint is also pretty good, there are no bleeds anywhere and that is just awesome. As for the sculpt the detail on this is crazy and this is most apparent on the head sculpt. This is better than the masked version.


If there is one area where this figure falls somewhat short it's here. He has a ball jointed neck that can't turn that far as it is hindered by his dreadlocks and shoulder blaster. Ball jointed shoulders that is restricted even more at the left shoulder due tot he armor. Single jointed knees and elbows and a swivel there. A waist joint. Thigh swivel and no ankle joints due to the design of the boots. But what really kills this figure are the hip joints, it doesn't use a ball joint like Marvel Legends nor the "T" cut joints like DC Universe Classics. They have this weird swivel joint that makes the legs turn outwards and this makes it very hard to pose the legs. So any dynamic looking pose is very hard to achieve if at all possible.


Nada,zip, zilch, zero, nadai, doik, mayao. Well not unless you count the removable wrist blade and the shoulder blaster, then its 2 :P


Apart from the hip articulation....I am loving this figure! GET IT!!!


Careful with the wrist blade, its a very small piece and you might lose it. Also the shoulder blaster might break if you force it to turn. Other than that the figure itself is tough.

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