Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DC Universe Classics Sinestro

Continuing with my Lantern review, here's Sinestro. Leader of the the Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lanterns.

Name: Sinestro

Toy Line: Dc Universe Classics

Manufacturer: Mattel

Year: 2011

Scale: 6 inch


The figure uses a smaller version of the DCUC buck. So Sinestro will appear skinnier compared to Hal Jordan.


Unfortunately Sinestro gets shafted in the paint dept. There are uneven paint apps, some splotches and bleeds. Also there is a streak of yellow and white paint on the left side of his neck. But it's not anything that I can't live with.

Sculpt wise Sinestro's head looks well, sinister :-P Luckily there were no paint issues on the face and it is a pretty good sculpt. The ring however has no sculpted detail at all. It just a yellow dot on his left hand. 


Standard male DCUC articulation. Ball jointed swivel shoulders, single knees and elbows, ab crunch, waist turn, T joint on hips, wrist turn and ball jointed head. All pretty much standard issue for this line.


A yellow lantern. If you count his removable collar piece, he will have TWO pieces of accessory.


A very good and enjoyable figure held back by some paint problems. It could be across the board or it could just be isolated to mine. Either way your mileage may vary. Get it if you like lanterns or you're a fan of Sinestro, and want to complete your Sinestro Corps collection.


Being that Sinestro is of a more slender stature, he might not be as durable as say the other figures using the larger sized bodies like John Stewart, Hal Jordan etc But still should survive regular play.

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