Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Lego superheroes line has always interested me. It was rather unfortunate that they were overpriced. But then as usual CHINA came to the rescue in the form of GREEN LIGTMAN!

I gotta love that tag line "SURPASS OURSELVES HAPPILY WITH THE HEROES". The Box art was basically flipped from the original and as you can see they changed the name of Batman and the joker.

The figure comes in pieces that you need to assemble yourself of course:

And the manual has a little comic section that shows "GREEN LIGHTMAN" in action. Complete with WOOSH and BOOMM effects :P

So what do I have to say about "GREEN LIGHTMAN"? It does everything that the lego original does and if you didn't look at the box you would not have known it was a bootleg. The quality is amazing, it feels solid and the details are exactly like the original.

A very nice, highly articulated figure that is super cheap. ALL HAIL GREEN LIGHTMAN!!

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