Thursday, August 23, 2012

Green Lantern

One of the most awesome characters in the DC universe has got to be Green Lantern. A being granted great powers via a power ring. My fandom with GL started only recently through the various animated features released by DC.

What makes the character interesting is the fact his power comes from willpower given physical form. He can conjure up anything he can imagine through the ring. Granted GL may not be in the "Big Three" of the JLA i.e Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman. But he is still a powerhouse in his own right.

Of course my favorite GL has to be Kyle Rayner, but alas since Hal Jordan is the so called "superman" of the GL corps, his figures were easier to find. Even the lego GL in the pic above is based off Hal Jordan.

But I digress, GL is a great character and here's hoping for more great stories from them all.

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