Monday, July 9, 2012

Movie Masters Hal Jordan

Found this guy at 50% off and Since I was lacking a green lantern figure I grabbed it. Now lets get down to the nitty and gritty.


The Good : ITS SHINY and highly detailed. The Bad - there are some paint slops around the figure. Not enough to make it look like quasimodo but it is noticeable.


Hal Jordan has joints that are pretty much expected from a modern 6 inch action figure except for the Abdominal crunch and the thigh swivel, the latter being replaced by a swivel at the knee instead which is weird. And to add further to the weirdness this is the first figure that I've seen that  has both bicep swivel and a swivel joint at the elbow. So thing is he has all the joints..but they don't work that well, the elbows can't bend 90 degrees because of the way the suit is sculpted same goes with the knees. And I am not sure if its a problem with mine or its across the board but the knee of the right leg of my figure is angled off center.


Hal comes with a BAF part for parallax,a figure stand and a nice looking lantern..which he can't really hold. This is because the left hand was not sculpted for holding it. You either have to jam his fingers into the opening or let the lantern hang precariously at his finger tips.


The Good - Very Pretty and detailed figure

The bad - Weird sculpting that hinders articulation and an accessory that he can't really hold. Pretty small for the 6 inch scale (pic compared to Mumm ra). Only buy it if you see it in a budget bin for 50% off or more.


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