Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mirage Spa

It has been a really rough couple of months at work for me. Was feeling stressed out, whole body hurts, head felt like it was gonna explode and all that other good stuff that comes with work related stress. So I decided to pay a visit to a spa recommended by my friend.  The name of the Spa is Mirage, I swear for the longest time I thought the place was an exclusive club for mega rich people just because of the way it looked from the outside.

They give me hot ginger tea to start with before the massage. Then after they prepare the room, the massage begins. After the awesome massage, was over I felt refreshed and relaxed..I mean I better be I paid like RM90 for that massage yo!!! :P

Anyhoo over all the service was great and it was a fun experience. Will definitely go back there again sometime.

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