Saturday, December 17, 2011

Transformers Universe 2.0 Legends Starscream

Got this guy loose at a shop here. I am quite amazed at the little guy, it's not super detailed or anything but a nice little toy to have. And yes it was cheap :P Check out the pics: Jet mode:
From the looks of it it's actually a repaint of Cybertron/Galaxy Force Thunder Cracker. Not that I mind, since I never had the original release of this mold. Now on to the robot mode. Robot Mode:
In robot mode this figure looks nice but don't expect too much from articulation. It has a whopping FOUR points of articulation on the shoulders and hips.Five if you count the gun joint. Conclusion If you can find it for RM12 or below GET it. If not give it a pass, for fleet builders you can have an army of these :D

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