Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots, Battered students and then some

This is a video of a Malaysian student that was attacked while out looking for food to break fast In London. He got his jaw broken when he was attacked by a mob. Then he was helped up by people that helped themselves to the content of his back pack. Take a look :

Now if this were to happen in Malaysia and we had an expat kid getting smacked and robbed in a riot here, the international media,the whole world and a majority of the "educated elite" of Malaysia would criticize the bejesus out of Malaysia in every aspect. But since it's on the flip side all we had are just some minor press coverage and and the perpetrators so far had gotten away scott free. Worse yet no one from the international scene nor the "educated elite" of Malaysia seems to make much noise over the matter.

Oh I mean yes, we get reports every now and then but it seems that when it comes to their own stomping grounds the media there doesn't seem to cover everything with the near fanatical zeal and fervor that they normally do when they want to criticize and degrade Malaysia or any other country.

Hopefully this will also show to the locals that instability of any kind can and will happen in any country, and that this will finally make the Locals that are prone to idolize other countries to open their eyes. You have no idea how many times I've come across people that say "Like OMFG Malaysia is such a drag. Everything here is so wrong. back in (insert name of glorious ideal nation here) things are so much better in every sense. People there piss champagne, fart perfume and crap out rainbows. Nothing can go wrong there". So yeah after hearing that for the millionth time I got really sick of it.

So all I can say is wake up world. Time for us to be on our toes and try to make this world work. And hopefully someday things will get better.

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