Thursday, November 27, 2008

MACRO SHOTS : Broccoli

Finally managed to do another macro shot. The normal view and the zoomed view of a broccoli. The litte "stubs"(?) on it is about the size of any letter on this screen. But as usual the detail is all lost after i upload the pics.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goobye Nokia Hello Motorola...for now!

It was a very sad day when my old faithful Nokia 6600 finally "dropped dead" on me a few days back, seriously that phone has been nothing but good to me. But anyhp\oo, I had to find a backup phone and it just so happens that my sister had an old Motorola Razr V3 that she dumped coz she thought it was "broken". But of course me being the tenacious techhead nutjob, I managed to fix it and now the phone works just fine! No more crashes or anything except for the camera, which I think is a hardware problem, but who cares, I got me a lumix for pics.

On the left my old Nokia, on the right the Motorola I've restored to full health.

What I get now when I turn on my Nokia 6600 :(

The Razr with glowy & shiny keypads. After using it for about 3 days now I have this to say about the Razr when compared to my old Nokia :-

Slim & light,loud enough speakers, MP3 ringtones, God damns the flippy thing is fun and looks cool

low - res screen, no memory card slot,SMS system not as good as Nokia's,Video capcabilties are sad. Java games lag badly.

Of course this is all just temporary till I can get my hands on my true dream phone, the BLACLBERRY STORM! why do I want it? ONE..its not Sony Ericsson and TWO it's BLACK!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New EL cheapo Novels!!

Raided Shalom Book store last night and this is my latest Haul, which I will probaly end up not reading completely yet again due to WORK getting in the way! I really need to find time away from technology one weekend and just read books away from the INTARWEBZ and movies!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I found this lying around in the office, it was from the KFC Star wars EP1 campaign. Notice how Yoda is a bit cross eyed!

Holy shit its 16GB!!!

For the 1st time ever I laid my eyes on a 16GB thumb/flash drive! It only cost RM150 according to my colleague!

Minex Jewelry Station visit

The guys from Minex dropped by the station for a little interview and here they are on a little conty tour. BTW their creative director, the chick in the black dress is super hawt!! The pics don't do her justice!